Store&Work Suites at Storage36

Published on 12/18/2020
Need a space to work in AND additional space to store equipment, documents, or inventory? A standard storage unit might do the trick. Businesses in various industries rent self storage units to get some much-needed space at an affordable monthly rate, rather than expanding or relocating to an office location. 

Need a storage unit and office space? Our unique Store&Work suites offer an affordable solution to renting separate office space and storage space. This makes Storage36 an all-in-one solution for many businesses including: 

  • Online retailers
  • Tradesmen/contractors
  • Artists/creative/design
  • Packaging/fulfillment
  • Various hobbies/crafts
  • Service businesses 
  • Man (or Women) Cave for your hobby.
Contact us today about our flexible spaces, and let us help make your small business bigger!
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